Professional Services

Strategic Consultancy, Project Design, Planning and Implementation

Strategic Consultancy

We’ve been helping businesses with IT planning since 2002.

Experienced external eyes are need to help you see the wood for the trees and understand your best options.

Our job is to stay on top of today’s technologies and know how to leverage them for your success.

Project Planning

“Thoroughly Thought Through” – that’s our mantra, no matter the size and complexity of any project.

Lean, simple project planning is critical to successful implementation. From basic upgrades to complex migrations, we use the same planning process to get over the finish line on budget, on time and with as little disruption as possible.

Project Implementation

Our experienced, knowledgeable team enjoy implementation more than most aspects of their job – we take great pride in “Getting IT right”.
Rigorous and thorough technical implementation is absolutely fundamental to building long lasting relationships with our customers.

Office Moves

Our team has moved many businesses over the years, we know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. By sticking to a few key principles, we can make it suprisingly easy.

Don’t do it alone – we can save your money, avoid disruption and ensure your staff are delighted when they touch down at their new home.

more horsepower?

Whether it’s a major rollout, significant upgrade, office move or bringing a new aquisition into your IT systems – you don’t need to go it alone.

Partnering with us for projects and implementation work allows you to keep your internal IT team lean and cost effective, whilst benefitting from a large pool of experience and manpower just when you need it.

Stay agile.


Creative Thinkers

We're passionate about finding the best solutions to your needs - this requires deep knowledge, experience and creativity



Successful IT is as much about people as it is technology. Helping humans get the most from their tools is the essence of what we do.



Every organisation is different. Whilst we use standardised processes and tools, we're set up to customise them around your needs.