Robust, high-performance Server and Desktop Virtualization Solutions

What is it? why use it?

Virtualization uses software that simulates hardware functionality to create a virtual system.

This allows operating systems to be stored as a cluster of files, which facilitates come important features:

Portability – the operating system can easily be moved or replicated between different physical machines and locations. This in turn creates opportunities for sophisticated near real-time backup solutions and accelerated diaster recovery.

Scalability – freeing the operating system from the underlying server hardware enables server hardware to be upgraded or replaced with almost zero impact on availability of services.

Maximum utilisation of hardware resources – run multiple operating systems in a single physical host. Many servers spend significant time doing very little – why run 10 physical servers running at 20% avergae utilisation when you can run two servers at 80%?

It's here to stay

Whilst Cloud services have transformed IT and allowed many businesses to run no servers on their premises at all, there are still many businesses that need local server infrastructure.
This can be for security, complaince or operational reasons – take laboratories and manufacturing businesses for example – they have physical needs for high power very high speed local computing power – this is not going to change overnight so Virtualization is going to be here for quite some time to come.

Hypervisor experience

We’ve been working with this technology since the early 2000’s, with hundreds of solutions out in the field.

If you have virtualization needs, we can help.

Why outsource my IT Support?

This began in the 1990’s – it made sense then, and it makes even more sense now.

Today’s organisations are highly digital, with myriad IT systems used to power sales, inventory, marketing, logistics – literally every element of an organisation is supported by technology. This means an in-house IT team has a huge array of technologies to design, deploy, secure, and maintain.

Smaller organisations typically have smaller IT teams – with outsourcing, you get a much larger team of specialists handling each technology area.

Yesterday’s “IT Guy” simply cannot be Cyber Security Expert, Master of Office 365, or Virtualization Superhero, etc. – all at the same time.


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